Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Time Summer Time

It's been a busy summer so far. We've gotten to be with all 13 grandkids, however not at the same time. It's been three years since I've gotten a pic of them all together. But we've had a blast taking little trips, making 4H projects, painting grandkids rooms, creating Pinterest items, and going to ballgames. I want to share some pics of some of the projects I've finished so far. Ive made several rag quilts for the grandsons for Christmas (shhhhh don't tell them) I've made 4 skirts and 7 pairs of shorts for one of my granddaughters, I've made a skirt for my daughter, and a crazy quilt tote, and a fabric book.I've made doll clothes and numerous other things. I've been busy on those overnights of mine. I still amaze the TSA in the airports that I carry a sewing machine with me. So I have many more busy days ahead and more projects to finish this summer, but most of all fun with the family. Have a wonderful summer...I'll check in again real soon! In the meantime..create to your heart's content!!

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