Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Little Break in the Action

As I write this, my husband and I are enjoying our last day of vacation at Lake Tahoe with wonderful friends.  My girlfriend and I have been best buds since we were 16.  Time may get away from us and not get to talk a lot but when we do its like no time has passed.  This is the first time in 38 years we've gotten to spend this much time together.  We are truly blessed by husbands who get along famously.  We've spent time touring but equal time relaxing at the pool.  It's been PERFECT!  We are already trying to figure out when and where we are going next.

On the crafting side, I was very busy getting outfits ready for school for a granddaughter who wanted shorts.  She always wears skirts so this was a surprising change.  I made her 7 pairs and she wears them constantly.  She's number 12 of my 13 and such a cutie pie .  I also made Christmas lap quilts for each of my kids.  I'll give them out early so they can enjoy them for the holidays. I finally taught myself how to make granny squares.  I've wanted to learn for so long as my paternal grandmother made beautiful afghans.  Many other items I've made too many to list but I've been in my element with grand kids ball games, meets, and activities, and work.  Keep it real and keep creating!