Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am out flying right now but wanted to share a few pics with you. First I found a pic of my two grandmas I named this blog after... This is Elizabeth on the Left my maternal grandmother who I was named after and Lena Belle on the right who I look more like. Elizabeth ( Grandma DeeDee) was an incredible cook/ baker. She's the one that watches over all my pie baking as that's my favorite thing to back. I can still remember her butterscotch pie and banana cream and chocolate pies. Yummy! She lived close to us so we spent a lot of time with her more on that in another post. Lena Belle (Grandma Big my kids) is my paternal grandmother and I have MUCH in common with her. She and my grandpa owned a furniture/appliance store and would win trips all over the world. Grandpa only wanted to go fishing with my dad and brother each year so Grandma traveled by herself. There are pics of her on camels by the pyramids..beaches in far away places..etc etc. the day she passed away I received my long awaited phone call to become a flight attendant and began my travel adventure! I know she had something to do with that call that day! She could cook and bake like a star too but she is where I got my love of sewing and crafting from. She would always say if you had many projects started you wouldn't be bored or die cause u would always have something waiting for you to finish. I LOVE THAT!so that's what I always do. These two ladies meant and still mean the world to me. I also created a wedding card for two special people tying the knot this weekend. They are into everything simple and DIY and burlap Gotta run for a plane ..happy creating!

Monday, May 13, 2013

A First...

Well here I am..after much encouragement from my bestie bud Pat Winter of Pat Winter Gatherings. Ive been creating since I was a little girl, created all my kids clothing when they were little, canned our food, baked our bread, and after they were all out of the house began doing the same for our grandkids. I've worked many different jobs, acquired much knowledge, but still come back to my roots and thats to teach and create. I hope to include here not just my comings and goings as I am a busy grandmother of 13, and a flight attendant, but share the fun things I create in my "Magic" room as the grands call it. So sit back, grab ya some sweet tea and I hope you enjoy!